1. Yesterday I sent a card to aunt because it was birthday. I didn't have enough money for a present, so I made one !
  2. When he saw in the mirror, he realized he was sick and he telephoned mum to tell that he wasn't coming to the party. She understood perfectly and told it didn't matter
  3. We found in a difficult situation yesterday; we had forgotten keys and we couldn't get into the house. We had to phone our uncle who lives 50 miles away so he could lend his keys
  4. She hasn't got a driving permit but she borrowed my car yesterday and drove to work
  5. I met John and wife in a restaurant last week. They seemed to be enjoying
  6. If you want to win the final, you have to believe in .
  7. She hates maths but she forces to study every night so grades will improve
  8. My daughter's angry with beacause I refused to collect after school and had to walk home and make something to eat
  9. Here, take this money and buy a present. You deserve it Tom, 've worked so hard