1. we are holding a fashion show Tuesday
  2. I'm organiszing a blind-test the afternoon
  3. 3 o'clock everyone is coming to the cantine, dressed up as their favourite celebrity
  4. We're having a shoe tossing contest 2 hours tomorrow
  5. We usally organize Spirit Week the fall
  6. Everyone must come disguised as a cyborg my birthday
  7. Nobody wants to dress up in wacky clothes the whole week
  8. We are inviting the teachers to participate in the talent contest Friday
  9. They're having a hamburger eating competition at midday in the cantine
  10. To win the game you have to stand on one leg more time than everyone else
  11. We're starting the wacky hat contest 9 the morning
  12. If you can dance 3 hours without stopping, you can participate in the dancathon Wednesday